Corporate social responsibilities


Noble Development Public Company Limited puts emphasis on doing real estate development business in conjunction

with the principles of social and environmental responsibility to build a sustainable society. The Board of Directors integrates the social and environmental policies into corporate governance policies and business ethics and announces to the public. This includes the monitoring of compliance with such policies strictly.


Being the Company of Thailand, the company realizes that even if profit seeking is a business goal,

the Company makes profits truly based on fair, noninterference and responsibility to society. The Company provides social policies to be a framework for social work as follows.


Support and encourage the management and employees at all levels to have a responsibility to society by strictly adhering to the policies and regulations of social care.


Understand and communicate with society about the operation of the company, community and social responsibilities without concealing facts that can be disclosed.


Maintain a good living environment for every project by setting up the unit to be responsible for managing this issue.


Create valuable activities in regular basis to return a goodwill back to people and society


Encourage the management and employees at all levels to aware of community and social responsibilities in regular basis.


The Company integrity is the main priority without taking an advantage of people and society, the Company provides the effective system or channel for people to comment or file their complain regarding quality of product and service, or any kind of unlawfully action through the Company’s website:


In addition, the Company is also carrying out the following social responsible activities.

“Noble ID” has been created

to build relationship with the customers who support the project under Noble brand. The main objective is to build sustainable relationship in accordance with the corporate main vision which is to build a house beyond a residence for better tomorrow. Noble ID is the channel for communication and provision of assistance and facilitation as well as arranging useful activities and support customer living. In addition to development of residential projects with the aim to create satisfaction beyond expectations and pride of all groups of customers and all Noble residents, Noble continuously shares the concept of Life Architecture and creation of better tomorrow to all Noble residents through Noble Living Magazine and other channels.

The Company supports and encourages management and employee of the Company to create the activities

to improve society and environment regularly. One who interested in participation can follow up through the website:

The Company had continuously supported and encouraged social responsible activities as follows:


The Company sponsored Ted x Charoenkrung which reflects Noble identity and supports people to be aware of the importance of co-living and completely accept diversity by contributing funds amounting to 200,000 Baht to support those activities.


The Company provided 3,200 bottles of drinking water to Mr. Suchai Sakulrungruengchai, Phaya Thai District Director, to support Phaya Thai District in facilitating people in the areas of Thailand’s general election on March 17, 2019.


The Company sponsored the activities of 4th year students of Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University, in Thesis Exhibition: Making Marks at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) by contributing the funds amounting 190,000 Baht.


The Company in providing exterior paint for renovation of buildings and landscape of Darakham School, which valued 122,000 Baht, to Darakham School Director together with teachers, school staff and Grade 6 student representatives.


The Company in giving the money to support “Wang Lang-Watthana Fair 2019” activity in the amount of 50,000 Baht to the Parent-Teacher Association of Watthana Witthayalai School.

All the activities in 2019, the Company has been publicized through the Company's website:

The Company realizes that the sustainable coexistence is needed to be implemented as a sequence of correlation from large to tiny. Each level has its own mechanism, which is consistent with the natural mechanisms, to preserve the natural equilibrium by using natural as a role model

to integrate both horizontally and vertically.

So the Company brings this idea to design a green building and also clearly integrates with the appropriate technology
and concept design, namely Passive Design. Green building is the application of appropriate technology that helps to derive benefits from the natural environment,

which consists of three major components, including the relevance of weather, cozy living and uses of natural energy. The design principles are as follows.

The design of energy efficiency and green spaces.
The selection of low-power construction materials.
The usage of the Modular system to minimize waste materials.
The control of pollution that building may be released.
The management of water usage, wastewater treatment system, drainage and effectively flood protection.
The preservation of the ecology of the area.
The design is focused on the residents’ comfort from outdoor green space.
The safety and health of the residents.

In addition to the housing design concept which is in accordance with the nature concept and the condominium construction along the public transportation route which is the environmental conservation and reduces global warming, the Company also selects the products that can truly save energy

to install in all of the residential projects. In order to prevent and reduce pollution caused by the housing such as air pollution, water pollution, the Company installs wastewater treatment system to every house and condo projects including plants garden and trees in the project which make it shady and pleasant.

The concept that reflects the intention of creativity to offer the value-add innovation can respond to customer’s needs and lifestyle in accordance with environmental conservation and energy saving. The Company can seamlessly operate business in conjunction with social and environmental responsibility which leads to sustainable development.
For more information, please visit the Company’s website: