Anti-Corruption Policy
Noble Development Public Company Limited (the Company) places an importance to and adheres to transparent and honest business operations under the principles of good corporate governance as well as strictly compliance the anti-corruption law. The Company is aware that corruption not only affects to business operation and the Company's image but it is also an obstacle to the Company's sustainable growth, including development of the nation as well.

In order to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable business development and to aim for Thailand to be free from corruption, therefore, the Company has signed to become a signatory Company in Thailand’s Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption or CAC. The Company has determined policy and guideline against corruption in writing for directors, management and all the Company’s employees as well as related stakeholders to consider as the norm in operation. The Company is committed to implementing an effective system to be used in order to fight against corruption.

This anti-corruption policy is considered as an addition to business ethics; therefore, directors, management and all the Company’s employees and subsidiaries are on duty to study policy and strictly comply with anticorruption guideline. In a case that unconfident which behavior may be considered a form of corruption or have questions or concerns, should consult supervisor or the company secretary immediately.

On behalf of Board of Directors and management, we sincerely hope that directors, management and all the Company’s employees will adhere and comply with anti-corruption guideline determined in this policy strictly for transparent business operations and sustainable business development.

Mr. Thongchai Busrapan
Chairman and
Co-Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Frank Fung Kuen Leung
Co-Chief Executive Officer
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Guideline for Offering and Accepting Gifts