PHP Programmer

Male / Female, Age not over 30 years.
BS in computer science or a related field
Strong knowledge of OOP Programming and RDBMS concept.
Good command in English
Minimum 2 years experience in Coding HTML/XHTML, PHP, VB, Ajax, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON XML)
Minimum 2 years experience in coding SQL-based database. MS SQL Server and MySQL preferred
Work closely with team of development & System analyst.
Mainly coding PHP advanced server-side programming language both front-end and back-end.
Using SQL to connect with Database.
Coding other programming language to integrate the applications with other system and software. Eg. HTML, VB, etc..
Testing for application bugs
Please send application letter with full resume stating present and expected salary together with a recent photo to aphasra@noblehome.com

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