Digital Marketing Analyst

Male/ Female, Age: 25+
Thai Nationality
Degree: Bachelor in any field
Experience: Minimum 2 to 3 years direct experiences in digital marketing
Good command of spoken and written English
Strong research and analytical skills
Advanced relational database experience and understanding of sophisticated quantitative analyses is a plus.
Ability to work in a fast-paced, deadline driven, cross-functional team
High level of proficiency in Microsoft Word/ Excel/ PowerPoint
To work with the areas of the business that require digital data/ content/ functionality
Research and collect big data by using data collecting tools i.e. listening tools, in purpose of interpreting the data into business competitive insight to improve key KPI’s across all digital channels and drive optimizations.
Conducting in-depth data analyses using traditional and advanced methods to identify trends and patterns of information.
Authoring reports containing actionable recommendations
Participate in the development of company-specific approaches to data collection to ensure success of cross-channel of marketing initiatives, which includes but not limited to Social Media, SEO, SEM, email, display, and paid acquisition efforts.
To respond promptly to inquiries from the web/ social audience, either received directly from the website/ social channels/ listening tools or as referrals from team
Work closely with Digital Marketing Team, Call Center Team, IT Team, and External Vendors to manage and monitor digital media, which includes but not limited to Social Media, SEO, SEM, email, display, and paid acquisition efforts.
Please send application letter with full resume stating present and expected salary together with a recent photo to aphasra@noblehome.com

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