Presently, Noble Development Public Company Limited and subsidiary companies’ major business is residential property for sale business, including single houses, horizontal and vertical condominiums as well as housing construction and other property related business. Moreover, the Company is beginning expanding business into service apartment business. Types of business are as follow:


The Company’s major business is property development for sale business. The Company has been developing residential property projects, including housing estates, and both horizontal and vertical condominiums. From the past until present, the Company has been developing altogether 47 projects, including 8 projects developed and launched for sale prior to 2002 worth a combined 4,877 million Baht and 39 projects launched since 2002 worth a combined 83,292 million Baht, as follow:

Projects developed and launched for sale before 2002
  1. Noble Park Project
  2. Noble Home Project
  3. Noble Neo-City Project
  4. The Noble Project
  5. Neo House Phayathai Project
  6. Noble Choice Pinklao Project
  7. Noble Choice Vibhavadee Project
  8. Noble House Ruamrudee Project
Projects launched since 2002
  1. Noble Tara Ekamai-Rama 9 Project
  2. Noble Wana Pinklao Project
  3. Noble Wana Watcharapol Project
  4. Noble Ana Wana Pinklao Project
  5. Noble Sathron-Thapra Project
  6. First Home Project
  7. Noble Aura Condo Project
  8. Noble Tara Ngamwongwan Project
  9. Noble Geo Watcharapol Project
  10. Noble Tara Pattanakorn Project
  11. Noble Geo Rama 5 Project
  12. Noble Light Project
  13. Noble 09 Project
  14. Noble Tara Ngamwongwan 2 Project
  15. Noble Ambiance Sarasin Project
  16. Noble Remix Project
  17. Noble Solo Project
  18. Noble Reflex Project
  19. Noble Reveal Project
  20. Noble Residence Project
  21. Noble Cube Project
  22. Noble Reform Project
  23. Noble Refine Project
  24. Noble RED Project
  25. Noble Revent Project
  26. Noble Remix 2 Project
  27. Noble Ploenchit Project
  28. Noble Revolve Ratchada Project
  29. Noble Revolve Ratchada Project 2
  30. Noble Revo Silom Project
  31. Noble Recole Project
  32. Noble Gable Watcharapol Project
  33. Noble BE33 Project
  34. Noble BE19 Project
  35. Noble Around Sukhumvit 33 Project
  36. Noble Ambience Sukhumvit 42
  37. Nue Noble Chaengwattana Project
  38. Noble Around Ari Project
  39. Noble State 39 Project
  40. Nue Noble Srinakarin-Lasalle Project

Controlling quality, duration as well as construction costs and creating consumers’ confidence, the Company adopts policy of partial pre-building houses before launch for sale of the Company’s housing estate projects, beginning in 2002. The policy has been fully adopting since 2003 until now.


The Company adopts housing construction business as another type of strategy of project sale. In 2002, the Company proposed 2 options to customers, including pre-building housing project and build to order houses. If customers purchased build to order houses, they could specify details for materials and types of interior decoration to be coincident with their different demand and usable areas. The Company would build houses for customers after they received land ownership transfer in the Company’s projects. However, the Company adopted pre-building house policy only since 2003 to be built within the Company’s new projects with maintaining decoration and designing houses reflecting individual customers’ identity.


In 2008, the Company expanded business into service apartment business under “10-Face Service Residence (“10-Face”). It was established in Ruamrudee Soi 2. The location is downtown Bangkok surrounded by many office buildings. Hotels and service apartments in the area were limited at the time. As a result, “10-Face” was high potential in term of competition and could respond well to customers’ demand. “10-Face” was decorated with inspiration from Ravana of Ramayana epic. The project comprised 79 units, including 59 one bedroom units and 20 two bed rooms units with various facilities, such as Wanara restaurant, Sida pub, fitness room, swimming pool, shuttle car service from 10-Face-Ploenchit electric rain, Wi-Fi internet etc. The service was launched in July 2008.

The Company runs business in connection with its major business as follow:
Project management and after housing delivery service business

Company pays attention to creating good relationship with customers as it realizes that the relationship does not finish after the customers make full payment for the property. Consequently, the Company establishes an agency for project’s management and extending service to customers in projects which are developed by the Company. The service begins after the property is delivered to the customers so that the property project’s good environment is maintained before housing estate’s or condominium’s juristic person is established. Moreover, the Company also provides inspection and maintenance service include the service representative to purchase, sell and rent to the customer in the Company’s project.

Asset and liability management service business

Based on Company’s experiences, knowledge and expertise coupled with database of assets of property business collected by the Company, resulting in the Company’s credibility among both domestic and foreign investors, the Company has been trusted by foreign investors to help them assess assets’ prices of property sector. The Company also entered into joint venture with investors to participate in bidding for assets with concentration on auction for credit portfolio in property business. As local financial institutions are still exposed to significant amount of non-performing loans (NPL) and non-performing assets (NPA), the Company, consequently, offers service of assets management for these financial institutions or asset management companies established as a tool to resolve the financial institutions’ NPLs. Additionally, the Company also sets a target to buy NPA from the financial institutions for project management.