Noble Development Public Company Limited as a real estate developer, operates business under good ethics and decent integrity, one philosophy the company always holding on is "Corporate Social Responsibility" (CSR). The company continuously applies that concept to achieve the sustainable growth for the best interest of shareholder in long run.

All members including Board member, Management, and employees are guided by business code of conduct written by the company. The relentless pursuit of integrity and justify treatment to all the parties involved, including all of stakeholders, communities, and societies, shall lead to the sustainable and long term growth of the company. Therefore the supreme value and return to shareholders in long run. The business code of conduct comprise of:

1. set of rules

2. compliance monitoring

1. Set of rules

1.1 Policy on conflict of interest

Management and employees shall avoid the self-connected transaction that may raise the issue of conflict of interest with the company. In necessarily case, the transaction per se must be done as if it is the typical business practice. Management and employees are prohibited from taking advantage of the opportunity given or information derived from company togain personal interest or compete with the company itself.

1.2 Policy on secure and utilize the company's assets

Management and employees are entitled to protect the company's assets but forbidden to utilize the company's assets for personal gain. No insider information for personal gain allowed.

1.3 Policy on computer and information technology

Management and employees shall use computer and information technology related work according to Computer- Related Crime Act B.E. 2550 (2007) Computer, information technology and all system network is the Company's asset. One shall not use for own interest. Without permission, management and employees must not duplicate, erase, dispose, forward, or any kind of violation of the Company's data. Management and employees shall keep to it to personal; username and password. Management and employees shall use internet for work only and try to avoid the unfamiliar, unlawful, and immoral website, and prohibit using website that may cause damage to the computer and the Company's network and must not use the Company's computer and network to download non-work related file. Management and employees is prohibited from sending e-mail that relate to threat, sexual harassment, non-decency subject matter, privacy violation, and the like.